New Changes to VA’s Non-Service-Connected Disability Pension Program (VSO)

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Presenter: Ron Abrams

Length: 87 minutes

Recorded: January 2019


Webinar Description:

After years of waiting, on September 18, 2018, the VA released its final rules implementing the long anticipated changes to its pension program. These major changes include the creation of a specific net worth eligibility limit and a penalty period for veterans who transfer their assets in order to become eligible for non-service-connected pension. These new rules went into effect on October 18, 2018, and veterans already have questions about how these changes affect their eligibility for VA pension. This webinar will give advocates the knowledge they need to provide effective representation related to VA pension claims.

This recorded webinar will cover:

A basic overview and history of the non-service-connected pension program
The new net worth requirement and a discussion of what assets are considered and not considered in calculating a claimant’s net worth, including the claimant’s primary residence and the surrounding lot area
The new look-back period for asset transfers; what types of asset transfers will warrant a penalty; and the length of the penalty period during which a veteran will not be eligible for VA pension
Other important changes to the pension system, such as what medical expenses can be deducted from a veteran’s income and changes for pension beneficiaries who receive Medicaid-covered nursing home care
How these changes to the pension system will affect veterans who are currently receiving this benefit
Advocacy tips for how claimants can maximize their pension benefits under these new rules