Live Webinar FAQs

  1. Which webinar rate do I pay?                                                                                                                                                 For Attorneys and Agents the rate is $115.   For Veteran Service Officers accredited or employed by a Veterans Service Organization, NVLSP offers a discounted rate of $45.                                                          
  2. Are live webinars CLE approved?
    Yes. NVLSP live webinars are approved by the Virginia State Bar for 1.5 hours of CLE credit.
  3. What if I want to get CLE in a jurisdiction other than Virginia?
    After the completion of a live webinar, a participant will be sent two documents: (1) certificate of attendance and (2) the Virginia CLE approval form. To receive CLE credit in another state, submit both of these documents to your state bar. At that point, your CLE should be recognized. If your state requires additional documentation, please contact us directly at . We’ll be happy to assist you in getting the CLE granted.
  4. When will I receive my CLE approval form?
    The CLE approval is generally issued approximately 4-6 weeks after the webinar has been attended. Every webinar participant who attended the Attorney/Agent version will receive a copy from NVLSP.
  5. Do the webinars count toward VA accreditation hours?
    The VA requires attorneys and agents to complete three hours of qualifying CLE on veterans benefits law to maintain their accreditation. Our live webinars count as qualifying CLE courses, but attending a single webinar does not fulfill the accreditation requirement. Upon receipt of your post-webinar CLE approval, submit it with other qualifying CLE to the VA to maintain your accreditation.  For more information, visit the VA website:
  6. When can I expect to receive my Certificate of Attendance?
    All certificates of attendance are issued within a week after the webinar date. If you
    haven't received your certificate in that time, email us at
  7. I've never taken an NVLSP webinar before and/or I am unfamiliar with the ReadyTalk software.
    All NVLSP webinars are delivered using ReadyTalk software. We recommend that every participant log-in to their webinar session at least 15 minutes before the start of the webinar.
    If you want to get better acquainted with ReadyTalk you can do so here:

Recorded Webinar FAQs

  1. Which webinar rate do I pay?                                                                                                                                                 For Attorneys and Agents the rate is $115.   For Veteran Service Officers accredited or employed by a Veterans Service Organization, NVLSP offers a discounted rate of $45.            
  2. Are recorded webinars CLE approved?
    The Previously Recorded Webinars Attorney Training page will indicate which recorded webinars have been approved for CLE credit by  the Virginia State Bar (  Recorded webinars from September 2018 -past are not CLE approved, but offer valuable content in the area of veterans law.  To obtain CLE credit for a different state, you need to contact your state bar, but generally providing a certificate of attendance and CLE approval form should be sufficient.
  3. Why do I only have 72 hours to watch the webinar?
    Because the information provided is timely and time-sensitive, NVLSP wants to make sure purchasers download and view within a short timeframe. Your 72 hour access time begins at purchase. During this timeframe, you may view the webinar as many times as you’d like and from any computer or mobile device (as long as you are signed into your account).
  4. Will I receive a copy of the PowerPoint slides if I buy a webinar?
    PowerPoint slides can be downloaded on the page you view the recorded webinar.
  5. Will I receive a certificate of attendance?
    After you viewed the entire recorded webinar, please email us at with your request and a certificate of attendance will be emailed to you.
  6. Can I buy multiple recorded webinars in one purchase?
    Yes. However, NVLSP advises that you do not buy webinars in larger batches than you or your staff can reasonably view within the 72 hour access window.
  7. How long before a new webinar becomes available to purchase as a recording?
    Recorded webinars are usually posted for sale about 4-6 weeks after their original live sessions. (Remember, only LIVE webinars qualify for CLE).

Basic Training Course FAQs

  1. Can I print my certificate once I pass the final exam?
    No. Once you have passed the final exam, NVLSP will mail your certificate to you by the next business day, which usually takes 5 – 7 business days for delivery.
  2. Is this course CLE approved?
    No, currently NVLSP cannot offer CLE for The Basic Training Course. The Basic Training Course is an educational resource that provides a comprehensive overview of the basics of veterans’ benefits. It serves well as a starting point for new hires, a veteran or family member or anyone wanting to learn more about veterans’ law.
  3. How long will I have access to my course after I purchase it?
    After you purchase the course, you will have 6 months to view the course and complete the test.
  4. Do I have to take the course all at once? Is it a timed test?
    No. Once you have purchased the Basic Training Course you are welcome to revisit it as many times as needed in the 6 months you are allotted from time of purchase. The test is not timed and can also be accessed any time within the 6 month period.
  5. What happens if I don’t pass the exam? Can I retake it? How many times?
    Yes. We will allow you one re-entry into the course in order to retake the test. However, we would encourage you read each chapter more than once, before you retake the test as you will only be allowed to retake it once (exceptions may apply, but please contact us.)

My Account

  1. What is the benefit of making/having an account with NVLSP?
    An account with NVLSP will provide you with your order history, which is a helpful way to access orders quickly, keep track of the topics you’ve covered and verify attendance and CLE. NVLSP does NOT save any client payment information through this feature.
  2. Why do I need a separate account for the Basic Training Course?
    Since the Basic Training Course involves an online testing component, it is required that all participants have a separate Account and log-in. If you purchase other products/resources from us in addition to the Basic Training Course, you will have to make two different accounts.
  3. What if I forget my password?
    On the log-in page for “My Account” there is a “Forgot Password?” link. If you have forgotten the password to your account or wish to change/reset it please do so by clicking on that link. NVLSP does not have access to Account passwords and therefore cannot provide you with forgotten or changed passwords.
  4. What if I’m buying for someone else, can I make them an account?
    Yes. Anyone can set up an account, so you can absolutely set-up an account for another person. Please note that the name and email address provided to make an account should belong to the person who is actually going to be viewing the webinar/resource, so that they have access.