Effective Communication with Veterans to Build Better VA Claims (VSO)

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Presenter: Elizabeth Tarloski

Length: 88 minutes

Recorded: January 2024


Webinar Description:

The best veterans service officers have a tool set that allows them to build a strong case while acting in a manner that is client-centered and culturally competent. Working with veterans and their family members is a privilege, but with that privilege comes the responsibility of handling their cases with empathy, knowledge, and skill. This webinar will teach VSOs how to approach cases with sensitivity and efficiency, which in turn will help them put together strong claims and increase the likelihood that the VA will award their clients VA benefits.

We will cover the following topics and more:

  • What client-centered, trauma-informed advocacy means and how to integrate it into your work with veterans and other VA benefits claimants
  • How strong written lay statements and oral testimony can make or break a case
  • How trauma can impact memory¬†and tips on working with clients to put together a strong personal statement when past trauma presents a barrier
  • How to navigate difficult responses in interviews
  • Resources for clients in crisis and how to recognize and address burnout and vicarious trauma in ourselves