Everything You Need to Know about Total Disability Ratings Based on Individual Unemployability (Attorney)

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Presenter: Alexis Ivory

Length: 89 minutes

Recorded: April 2022

Approved for 1.5 CLE credits by the Virginia State Bar


Webinar Description:


A total disability rating based on individual unemployability (TDIU) ensures that a veteran who is unable to work due to service-connected disabilities is compensated at the 100-percent disability rate when those disabilities are not actually rated 100 percent. Veterans awarded TDIU may be paid over $2,000 more per month than they would be paid based on their “schedular” disability rating. Thus, it is critical for veterans advocates to know the rules that govern TDIU, including those related to marginal employment and employment in a protected environment.  

This webinar covers the following and much more: 

  • The basic rules for obtaining TDIU on both a schedular and extraschedular basis  
  • When a TDIU claim is reasonably raised by the record 
  • The meaning of “substantially gainful employment” 
  • How to fight VA decisions denying TDIU on the basis that the veteran can perform “sedentary work”  
  • Advocacy strategies for obtaining TDIU when a veteran is employed in a protected environment or capable of only marginal employment 
  • Effective dates for awards of TDIU 
  • Whether the denial of TDIU or a partial grant of TDIU bifurcates the issue from the underlying disability claim

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