Understanding CRSC and CRDP

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Presenters: Clarissa Cashmore and Rochelle Bobroff

Length: 76 minutes

Recorded: March 2023

Approved for 1.5 hours of CLE credit by the Virginia State Bar



Webinar Description:


Military retirees with service-connected disabilities are generally barred from receiving the full amount of both their military retirement pay and their VA disability compensation. However, there are two programs that allow many of these veterans to overcome this bar to concurrent receipt: Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) and Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP). There are different eligibility requirements for these benefits and some military retirees qualify for both CRSC and CRDP. However, they cannot receive both types of payment. For some veterans, it may be more advantageous to elect CRSC; for others, CRDP may be the better option. This webinar will help advocates better understand CRSC and CRDP, so that they can advise veterans about their eligibility for these benefits, how to obtain them, and identify which one may be more valuable for a particular veteran.

This 90-minute webinar will cover the following and more:

  • The eligibility requirements for CRSC and CRDP
  • The types of disabilities that are considered combat-related and thus eligible for CRSC
  • How CRSC claims are impacted by the PACT Act and recent VA regulations establishing presumptive service connection for disabilities caused by burn pits and other toxin
  • How to apply for CRSC and evidence that can help support a CRSC claim
  • The differences between CRSC and CRDP, and factors veterans eligible for both should consider when deciding which benefit to elect
  • The free legal services NVLSP’s Lawyers Serving Warriors® program provides for CRSC claims