Properly Evaluating Residuals of Gunshot and Shell Fragment Wounds (VSO)

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Presenter: Mike Spinnicchia

Length: 83 minutes

Recorded: November 15, 2016


Webinar Description:

Representing an individual who suffered a gunshot or shell fragment wound in service serves as a great reminder of the sacrifices our veterans have made. The VA has established an elaborate and unique set of rules for evaluating the residuals of gunshot and shell fragment wounds. These rules are difficult to understand and, as a result, the VA frequently makes errors when it assigns ratings in for these types of disabilities.

This 90-minute webinar will cover:

• The four classifications of gunshot and shell fragment wounds for VA compensation purposes
• The requirements for an adequate medical examination in a gunshot or shell fragment wound case
• Several examples that illustrate how to apply the rules for evaluating these types of wounds
• Common errors made by the VA in these cases that can be the basis for a successful appeal or clear and unmistakable error claim
• How to determine whether a veteran should receive a separate rating for a nerve injury as a result of a gunshot or shell fragment wound

This 90-minute webinar will be presented by Michael C. Spinnicchia, Esq.

Mike Spinnicchia

Mike was a staff attorney in the National Veterans Legal Services Program’s (NVLSP’s) training department where he develops training programs for veterans advocates and has presented on a variety of topics in veterans law.

Prior to joining the training department, Mike worked in NVLSP’s Nehmer Lawsuit Division where he assisted veterans and their survivors obtain retroactive VA benefits for their Agent Orange-related disability claims.

Mike began his career in veterans law as an associate counsel for the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.

He was an author of the Veterans Benefits Manual, NVLSP’s treatise on veterans law published by LexisNexis.